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Because skills without practise aren't skills.


Referential Thumbnail

Catalog, standardize and track instruments on cryptocurrency exchanges.

API development Databases Data processing Rust Serde Diesel Warp SQL Git

MyP2P Thumbnail

Exchange files easily with this peer-to-peer file exchange console program.

Networks C Git

Firebreak Thumbnail

Play 3 fun online mini-games with your friends on any device.

Databases Networks Video games Web development TypeScript React Firebase Git

Crawleth Thumbnail

Crawl all nodes on the Ethereum mainnet in a few minutes and view the statistics.

Databases Data processing Networks Python Redis Git LaTeX

TNHiking Thumbnail

Visualize, manage, import and export your best hikes.

Databases Data scraping Java JavaScript JavaFX Cheerio SQL Git

BLOOD Thumbnail

Compiler for a specific object-oriented programming language called BLOOD.

Project management Compiling Assembly Java ARM ANTLR Git LaTeX

Testaro Thumbnail

Automate tests with Shell alike scripts.

Automation C Git LaTeX

Movie Reviews Thumbnail

Get the global feeling of your own movie review.

Data processing Data scraping C JavaScript Puppeteer Git LaTeX

Stegano Thumbnail

Hide an image or a binary into another image with the LSB method.

Image processing Project management Scala Git LaTeX

Sensevid Thumbnail

Automation of experiments on sensor networks.

Automation IoT Python NetworkX

Alphacephal Thumbnail

Play Othello against an IA or another player on a futuristic graphical interface.

AI Video games Python NumPy PyTorch Git

Urbanloop Thumbnail

Simulate an entire Urbanloop station from its capsules to the passengers.

AI Python Git

CPPAutoPP Thumbnail

Generate a PowerPoint containing students schedules.

Data processing Automation C++ Microsoft Office Boost Git

JVCSticker++ Thumbnail

Add about 3,000 stickers on forums.

Databases JavaScript PHP SQL Git

Pacman Thumbnail

Play the famous game and eat all the pacgums.

AI Video games Python Git

Gradworks Thumbnail

Generate your colour gradations for the Launchpad Mk.II from its predefined colours.

C++ Qt Git

Lightworks Thumbnail

Easily create lightshows for Novation Launchpad.

C++ JavaScript Qt Git